Thursday, February 09, 2012

Chocolatey chocolate cake

Ever since I saw the pictures and write up on this post, I had been drooling. Couple of weeks ago, I had all the ingredients at home(buttermilk being that one item which I usually dont stock and this day I had some) and so I set out to make this cake.
I halved the recipe and still there was enough for 12 cupcakes and a small 8" cake.

Chocolate ganache frosting for the cup cakes were awesome!

Swiss Meringue ButterCream icing for the round cake!

Loved the cake, in K's words they were 'khatarnaak cupcakes'(khatarnak in Hindi means dangerous but used in slang,with reference to context, to refer to something 'too good'):)

Thank you SmittenKitchen- your blog is very inspiring!


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