Thursday, February 09, 2012

Magnolia Vanilla Cup Cake

Magnolia vanilla cupcake: Magnolia, one of my favourite cup cake shop and I was lucky to visit this place when I was in NY on work!

Chocolate frosting for few, plain vanilla for others!

Made these for a dear friend who is also a soon-to-be-mother , am so glad her husband K, she and her lil one inside enjoyed it!

The pattern for the crochet coasters are here, via ravelry(I am so in love with this site!)

Triple crochet cap with a flower

Pattern from 'Happy Hooker'

Amigurumi Tea Cup

Video here , they are easy to work and very interesting too!
Thanks Tracey!

My first doily

Loved this pattern. Made a small mistake at the joining stitch in the last round which I am yet to correct! But I love this and next time I need to stitich it tight!

Puffs anyone!

Yah! I finally made puffs with home made puff pastry! Thanks to VahreVah chef and his detailed instructions and video!

Made a few egg puffs and few vegetable ones!

The pictures are not great, I was so excited that I randomly clicked some pics and then sat down to enjoy them warm:)!

Thank you Chef!

Chocolatey chocolate cake

Ever since I saw the pictures and write up on this post, I had been drooling. Couple of weeks ago, I had all the ingredients at home(buttermilk being that one item which I usually dont stock and this day I had some) and so I set out to make this cake.
I halved the recipe and still there was enough for 12 cupcakes and a small 8" cake.

Chocolate ganache frosting for the cup cakes were awesome!

Swiss Meringue ButterCream icing for the round cake!

Loved the cake, in K's words they were 'khatarnaak cupcakes'(khatarnak in Hindi means dangerous but used in slang,with reference to context, to refer to something 'too good'):)

Thank you SmittenKitchen- your blog is very inspiring!

Crochet Cap for a lil' boy

My maid(we call her mausi) had asked me if I would make a cap for her grandson. I tried a couple of times, referring to the (only) book on crochet I have. The first one turned out too big,so big that it fit me.(I am a newbie here as well!)

The few attempts at increasing the base did not work and they formed waves. The project was abandoned or rather kept on hold. Was not feeling good that I was yet to make the cap for the little boy!

Made a few searches on the net and read tips from the experts,particularly this post and I was finally able to make a decent cap for the little boy! Thanks Pradeepa!

Apple Pie

Apple Pie adapted from this beautiful blog I found recently!

Next time I will make the strips for the lattice less in thickness and bake the pie for 5 extra minutes so the browning on top is a little bit more.

Both of us devoured the entire pie over 2 days!It is simply awesome, not to mention the aroma the home is filled with, once this goes in the oven-Bliss!

Thank you Natasha once again!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Choco Chip Cookies

A glass of warm milk and one cookie..thats how I like to end my day these days..atleast till these babies last!Loved these "choco chippies" :)

Recipe: Ria's Chocolate Chip Cookie ! Thanks Ria!